Rare, revered, and kissed pink like the remote Kimberley sky at dusk; the Argyle Pink Diamond is one of the most treasured assets on earth. Mined in the deep-cut canyons of Rio Tinto in Western Australia, only one percent of diamonds pulled from the ground gleam with that rosy hue. With the mine preparing to close their doors for good, the world is sure to see the last of these pink diamonds and the price for the few already in possession is set to soar.

Value That Continues to Dazzle

A finite natural resource with a proven track record for being a solid and sublime heritage investment even before news of the mines closure, the Argyle Pink Diamond is not just a pretty face, but a near perfect example of a heavenly hedge investment. While the weight of the Australian dollar weakens, the investment of precious metal and diamonds stays solid as a rock, benchmarked against the US dollar and lending a stable structure to be added to your estate. Over the past twenty years, the value of Argyle Pink Diamonds has continued to dazzle, appreciating by 500 percent.

The True Nature of a Heritage Stone

The true heart of a heritage stone sits in having something that never loses its weight and worth, something that can be passed down throughout the generations. Something rare, beautiful and highly coveted due to limited circulation.

Artful Acquisition From Start to Finish

At Ciufoli we work closely with the Argyle trade partners to secure these tender stones and set them inhouse in commissioned Ciufoli designs, curating a truly priceless finished piece. Whether gifted for love as a diamond pink engagement ring or chosen to bring added value to an already existing heirloom, from start to finish – Ciufoli guide you through the process.

Starting with an independent evaluation, we can acquire at your behest one of these intricate pink diamonds from Australia’s wildest corners. After selecting one of these unforgettable treasures we set the stone for you however you wish. Whether adding to an existing piece, crafting a once in a lifetime design or any other evocative way you wish to see your pink diamond investment presented, the journey of billions of years on earth finally comes to a dramatic new chapter with Ciufoli.

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