A deep love of beauty, the genius of art, and the elegance of tradition.

Capturing Emotion

At Ciufoli, we delight in dreams, drama and the deepest of desires. From family stones to novel thick stories that need to be captured in the fire of metal and the gleam of precious gems, our master crafter – Giacomo is there to bring to life a heirloom piece to tell your tale.

Whether your design starts with a blank canvas or shadowy sketch, we invite collaboration in the initial stages of commissions. Giacomo Ciufoli brings artistic architecture, daring design, and ornate pleasure into perfect being. Each bespoke creation beautifully captures the emotion and the identity of the Maison while capturing the rare experience of the wearer.

"I believe that every woman should be given the opportunity and freedom to be unique. A jewel must complement her personality, make it shine, express its confidence"
Giacomo Ciufoli
Selecting The World's Finest Jewels

Whether it be the promise of love, paying tribute to the passage of time, or laying down honour and roots to keep family legacy strong - whatever the occasion, bespoke creations from Ciufoli mark the moment in a way that transcends all the treasures of the world.

All beautiful things start with a spark, we invite private commissions from clients who want to capture the art of living by curating a very special precious piece. For those that have a certain stone in their possession that ensnares the heart, our artisans can take your gem and build a world around it. If you have long been drawn to a certain cut of diamond or a particular jewelled centrepiece, here at the Maison, we can source the rarest gems on your behalf, using our virtuoso intuition and exacting eye to find the most splendid stones.