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Diamonds are one of our rarest and most precious resources. Created by natures most dramatic moments; by falling asteroids, volcanic eruptions, and the planets deepest movements – each diamond mined from the depths of earth is its own universe. Every diamond that passes through our doors at Ciufoli comes with its own character and we showcase only the most brilliant stories. Our experts study every facet and it is the four corners of cut, carat, clarity and color that help us to assess each individual stone. For us, our choice goes beyond certificate alone – we want diamonds that move us, that reshape the light, that are small scale masterpieces created by mother earth. These are the diamonds we define as Ciufoli diamonds – to be sourced and set in our stunning rings.

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Symmetry, Scintillation & Spiritual Grace


Discovering the diamond in the rough, all comes down to the precision of the stone master’s cut. At Ciufoli we work with the worlds finest diamond cutters; those who are able to use their deep expertise to execute a vision. Diamonds that are cut just right bring a beautiful sense of balance when playing with the light. A diamond cut right is symmetry, scintillation, and even holds a sense of spirituality. While our exquisitely strict standards may mean compromising on the raw weight of a diamond, for us – its always a matter of bringing out authentic beauty in our cut and polish, rather than using these most precious resources for empty profit. 

Weight, Wonder & Warmth


A diamonds weight is measured in the word Carat. Once upon a time diamond traders would use the carob seed as a weight when trying to work out how heavy each individual diamond was. Now, a carat comes in at 0.2 grams. While weight is part of a diamonds wonder, it doesn’t stand alone. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, it’s the precision of the cut, the sparkle of clarity, the essence of color, and the warmth of weight in the palm of your hand that make up a true spectacle of everlasting beauty. At Ciufoli we select stones based on the four corners of perfection, we breathe grandeur and statement sophistication and to communicate our love of luster and la dolce vita – our centerpiece stones start at 0.80ct. 

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""Each Ciufoli diamond represents a value that is handed down from generation to generation, and creates an unbreakable bond between the past,, present and the future"."

- Giacomo Ciufoli -

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Spring, Starlight & Snow


While our world is full of incredible colors, when it comes to diamonds – nothing can match the prized perfection of a brilliant and blinding white diamond. Colorless diamonds are graded from D (at the top of the chart) right down to Z. Diamonds are graded dependent on how much of a yellow tint filters through the white, as the whiter the diamond – the more the stone invites the light in to dance. At Ciufoli, we only choose to work with diamonds that are awarded the top three grades because we don’t want to compromise when it comes to brilliance, beauty, and the aurora borealis of light play in precious stones.

Brilliance, Beauty & The Aurora of Light


Diamonds come from the most spectacular of places, they are born from the collision of elements. Each diamond has been on a unique journey and each holds traces of its tale. Every diamond has its own birthmark, tiny reminders that it is not a manmade thing. These birthmarks – while unique and beautiful - can swallow the brilliance of light in a diamond. A diamonds clarity is measured against a grading system that runs from imperfect to flawless. At Ciufoli, while we celebrate the unique charm of character, our Italian nature draws us towards diamonds that come as clear as mountain springs, starlight, and fresh snow. Our expert gemologists handpick stones that fall under the categories of flawless to VS2. 

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The Final Assessment


As an additional test to separate diamonds of a higher plane, at Ciufoli we work only with stones that pass on the fluorescent scale. When placed under a UV light, many diamonds – even those with exceptional clarity may glow blue. This means that under the glow of natural light, the diamond will hold a milky sheen. We believe that true beauty doesn’t compromise, and that the drama of a diamond comes from its ability to shine both day and night. That’s why we work with only the finest diamonds – those that boast a zero to a very slight fluorescence. 

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