Our Guide To Diamond Shapes

Selected for its impeccable quality and character, and completely free from visible inclusions, each Ciufoli diamond is carefully cut to reveal its innate brilliance and radiant fire. We are delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect silhouette that best captures your imagined and creates a uniquely captivating statement on the finger.

Starlight & Bridal Shine

Comprised of approximately 58 hand polished facets that refract light from every angle, the timeless round brilliant cut is designed for maximum scintillation. A sensational centrepiece in a single stone ring, each of our perfectly proportioned round brilliant cut diamonds offers the highest degree of fire and brilliance.

Silhouette & Sovereign

With roots dating back to the 15th century, the pear-shaped diamond is a highly desired cut for those who seek statement pieces with a heel in history. The pear diamond illuminates the sophisticated nature, it whispers of feminine grace, and it delivers a tantalizing tapered silhouette that helps elongate the elegance of a petite finger. For those craving a sovereign cut – keep it poignant with the pear.

Song & Dance of Symmetry

Once reserved for the emerald, the rectangular cut was gifted to the diamond – to bring out its lengthy sustained notes of light. Bevelled corners, crystal clear facets, and a song and dance of symmetry all lend well to creating this box of mirrors that seems almost mythical when set against the finger. Stones of superlative quality are chosen here, because the emerald cut isn’t shy about exposing any flaws. For those who choose to live bold and beautiful - the emerald just keeps enchanting.

The Curve of Compassion

The heart is the root of romance, but it is also the space of central wisdom of feeling. The heart shaped cut is the curve of compassion, it takes an expert crafter to tame and taper a diamond into this iconic symbol of souls entwined. Identical in length to widest point and from cleft to tip, a staggering 59 facets take the stage to weave together the wonder of light. For those who fall for feminine grace – there’s love and honor in the heart.

Heritage Meets Modern Masterpiece

Lending a new light to the classical round cut, the oval is where cutting edge meets the golden age of yesteryear. A style that first came to light in the glamorous era of the swinging sixties, the oval brings a splash of extra elongated sparkle especially when accompanied by side stones. For petite hands, the oval shape brings an added layer of extravagance and glamor as the stone tends to look larger than it is. For those who adore the curation of contemporary cool – the oval cut is a modern masterpiece.

A Century of Grace & Style

As we glided into the 20th century, the cushion cut was one of the most sought-after diamond styles. A stunning square cut with soft pillow like corners, this is a place where deep fire meets prisms of rainbow light. The cushion cut exudes glamor and grace – especially celebrated as being linked to the allure of vintage style. A complimentary cut for wider finger styles, the cushion cut isn’t self-conscious about making its statement. For those who want to commemorate a century of style – the cushion cut is ceremonial.