With a profound respect for the noblest traditions of craftsmanship, Ciufoli understands that outstanding jewellery the result of centuries of experience and expertise, and countless hours of breathtaking, specialised skills, perfected by devoted artisans. Today, Ciufoli draws on that heritage, and on a team of world-leading craftsmen, specialised in, for example, sculptural goldsmithing, micro-pave setting, hand-engraving, hand-pierced open-working – to reach new levels of perfection, to highlight and perpetuate the refinement and finesse of High Jewellery. In this way, each Ciufoli creation becomes not only a statement of individual style, but also a personal, tactile, intimate treasure.


The sublime craftsmanship, so vital and meaningful to Giacomo Ciufoli, in turn, liberates his creativity, brings visions to life, giving expression, form and colour to the daring dynamism of Ciufoli style. Craftsmanship and connoisseurship, refinement and finesse that turn a Ciufoli jewel into a timeless work of art.


Family-owned manufacturing in Italy holds immense significance for Ciufoli as it embodies a rich heritage of artisanal traditions passed down through generations, ensuring exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail. This legacy of craftsmanship creates a unique synergy between Ciufoli's visionary designs and the expertise of skilled artisans, resulting in exquisite jewellery creations that reflect Italy's renowned reputation for excellence.