Discover the exclusive engagement collection, each ring is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered, available for viewing upon application. Immerse yourself in a world where timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship converge, allowing you to find the perfect symbol of love and commitment that resonates with your heart.
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At Ciufoli, we go beyond the ordinary. Our artisans possess a rare gift for creating bespoke engagement rings that capture the very essence of the wearer's personality. Each Ciufoli engagement ring holds a delightful secret — a heart-cut ruby discreetly set beneath the centre diamond, a unique icon exclusive to Ciufoli. This enchanting hidden gem is a precious symbol of the love that lies within the depths of the heart.


In the realm of bespoke engagement rings, Ciufoli's exceptional craftsmanship, visionary design, and exquisite gemstones harmonie to create an awe-inspiring symphony. Guided by Giacomo Ciufoli's visionary expertise, each piece emerges as a captivating masterpiece, seamlessly blending artistic architecture with daring creativity. Through an intimate collaboration, your shared dream takes shape, meticulously brought to life with unwavering attention to detail. With unparalleled artistry, rare and unique diamonds are meticulously selected to adorn these bespoke creations, resulting in awe-inspiring masterpieces that tell a tale as unique as the love they represent. Allow us to create an engagement ring that transcends time, embodying the essence of your love and becoming a cherished legacy for generations to come.
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