Centuries of experience and expertise

With a profound respect for the noblest traditions of craftsmanship, Ciufoli understands that exquisite jewellery is result of centuries of experience and expertise, and countless hours of breathtaking, specialised skills, perfected by devoted artisans.

Today, Ciufoli draws on that heritage, and on a team of world-leading craftsmen, specialised in, for example, sculptural goldsmithing, gem-setting, micro-pave setting, hand-engraving, hand-pierced openworking – to reach new levels of perfection, to highlight and perpetuate the refinement and finesse of High Jewellery.

In this way, the Ciufoli jewel becomes not only a statement of individual style, but also a personal, tactile, intimate treasure.

The ultimate expression of the jeweller’s art, Ciufoli's one-of-a-kind jewels represent the very best of design, craftsmanship and precious stones.

Whether it's an original design or a new twist to an existing creation, Giacomo Ciufoli brings artistic architecture, daring design, and ornate pleasure into perfect being. Conceived during meetings between the client and designer, this shared dream, interpreted and executed to the most stringent standards, produces poetic, sometimes unexpected, creations. In these demonstrations of innovation, expertise and excellence unique to Ciufoli, the jeweller goes to the very heart of secret anecdotes to reveal their precious messages and carefully capture the emotion and the identity of the wearer.



The choice of stones is a moment of emotion where the precious brilliance of a gem predefines an exceptional jewel. Extraordinary and atypical stones have always been a source of inspiration for Giacomo Ciufoli. They have been the basis of the houses creations for many years. Precious stones, gemstones and pearls are at your disposal and that of the designer to design the most beautiful jewel possible.

The colour of the stones, their shine, their history, often provoke a particular emotion. A stone is a treasure, a legacy, a memory, a feeling. Each stone suggests a particular emotion and instills a
desire to create. Furthermore, if you wish to give a second life to a stone you already own, there are many ways in which to enhance it.

The House of Ciufoli is constantly challenging the codes of jewellery, creating and being inspired by the ever more original desires of its clients. For Giacomo Ciufoli, design has no limits. We would be delighted to work with you to create the jewel of your dreams and translate them into a unique creation.