"From the moment that I stepped into this spectacular field, I was compelled to create jewellery that would reflect my eccentric personality and passion for Italian savoir-faire. It was always clear to me that Ciufoli would represent diversity, diversity in culture, history and nature; a fundamental characteristic that has become the Casa's internal identity.

Through the production of each collection our mission remains the same, to offer men and women the opportunity for personal expression through the creation of something that not only surprises, but inspires; inspires the wearer to express their own inner creativity. Many designers choose to propose the one jewel to an array of men or women; I rather propose a different one to each individual.

I believe that every man and woman should be given the opportunity and freedom to choose to be themselves, to be unique. It is this belief that inspires a collection to have an element of customisable freedom whilst still being visibly anchored to the one origin, through a uniquely identifiable aesthetic.

Our unique aesthetic is driven by a curious vision, a vision that guarantees a dynamic future, capable of surprising over and over again. A Casa structured around a commitment to be exclusively handmade in Italy, combined with a pursuit for excellence, we are eternally determined to provide unrivalled luxury.”