Raised in Adelaide, a small city in South Australia, Giacomo was drawn to the energetic diversity of his Roman and Russian heritage. After pursuing a career in aviation and discovering a lack of fulfilment, he made the decision to change course and pursue his deep passion for the world of high jewellery. Working with some of the finest jewellery artists in Italy, Giacomo has acquired a unique skillset that has allowed him to push the boundaries of design. Ciufoli was established as an Adelaide salon to work with private clients on special commissions in 2015. Giacomo later designed and opened the Milan salon of Ciufoli, hidden away on the famous ‘Via Della Spiga’ street, to showcase his unique jewellery creations, each limited to only one piece. 

Giacomo is globally recognised for his sculptural designs that highlight the individuality of each gem stone, while inventively pairing them with unexpected materials including ceramic, titanium, meteorite and exotic leathers. Attracted to the beauty of imperfection, Ciufoli’s contemporary designs embrace the unusual, utilising rare stones to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Inspired by the work of storied Italian artists, Ciufoli’s innovative designs reflect his appreciation for quality craftsmanship, the deep cultural history of high jewellery, and the importance of creating works of art that can be worn every day. 

“Like any artist, creator and creation are very closely intertwined. I seek out the magical, I play with proportions, but I don’t particularly find perfection attractive. Jewellery, like people, has personality, and a flawless personality to me lacks charm” says Ciufoli. “Jewellery is like painting a portrait, a soul portrait, and it takes sensitivity, intellect and artistry to create it."