Behind The Maisons Identity

From the moment that I stepped into this spectacular field, I was compelled to create jewellery that would reflect my eccentric personality and passion for Italian savoir-faire. It was always clear to me that Ciufoli would represent diversity, diversity in culture, history and nature; a fundamental characteristic that has become the Maisons internal identity.

"Through the production of each collection our mission remains the same, to offer men and women the opportunity for personal expression through the creation of something that not only surprises, but inspires; inspires the wearer to express their own inner creativity. Many designers choose to propose the one jewel to an array of men or women; I rather propose a different one to each individual.

I believe that every man and woman should be given the opportunity and freedom to choose to be themselves, to be unique. It is this belief that inspires a collection to have an element of customisable freedom whilst still being visibly anchored to the one origin, through a uniquely identifiable aesthetic.

Our unique aesthetic is driven by a curious vision, a vision that guarantees a dynamic future, capable of surprising over and over again. A Maison structured around a commitment to be exclusively handmade in Italy, combined with a pursuit for excellence, we are eternally determined to provide unrivalled luxury.”

Beauty, Quality & Tradition

Born to an Italian father and a Russian mother in the warm winds of Adelaide, from an early age Giacomo Ciufoli was bestowed with the gift of holding tight to heritage.

A childhood spent standing two feet tall in the shadow of the Colosseum on trips to Rome, skipping down tightly wound cobbled backstreets in Florence, and soaking up centuries of history built on renaissance beauty, vivid architecture, the smooth lines of a Botticelli sculpture, and the simple luxuries of dancing hands and long conversations over blood-red chianti and wild boar.

All these ingredients left their mark upon Giacomo, imprinting him with a deep love of beauty, the genius of art, and the elegance of tradition.

From Aviation to Artistry

After graduating high school in 2010, he began to train for a career in aviation. While his love of the sky swept him from his feet, it was no match for the powerful pull of the creative flame that flickered within. But nothing is ever lost, perhaps those hours cruising through cumulous cloud, watching lightning dance below, and admiring all the textures of the sky fanned those flames – leading Giacomo to give himself fully to the creative call of curating one of a kind jewellery designs.

At first, Giacomo created pieces for his own collection, glints of precious metal and shapes that soon caught the eye of his peers. What started as long nights in workshops with a sketchbook and singing hammer quickly bloomed. Like the makers of old, Giacomo started on that journey that all artists must take; the desire to capture life’s fleeting expressions, to gift it a tangible meaning, and to communicate it with the world.

A Sculptor of Dreams

The Maison Ciufoli was born in 2017, and Giacomo instantly took his unique vision back to his ancestral home in the Piedmont region of Italy. Here, beneath the shimmering snows of the Alps, the fine threads of his inspiration were woven together; sacred stones were cut, precious metals hammered out, and every inch of those dreamlike visions were sculpted and made into shimmering reality by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmanship. The Piedmont region is aligned with the philosophy of slow living; a must for a master jeweller passionate about preserving these ancient traditions.

From the romantic renaissance art of Italy’s past to the modern eccentricities and natural splendour of Australia; these two places that have sculpted Giacomo seep through into his Maison. Just like Mother Nature; the aesthetic of Ciufoli is equal measures delicate and wild, bold and balanced, concrete and in the flux of change. The collections call on the celebration of deep diversity across the lands and the grace of culture.

Above all, these collections elevate our collective consciousness, reminding us that innovation comes from recognising the shape of our own stories, embracing the unique patterns in every stone, snowflake and soul, and finding an item of beauty that resonates deep within and communicates who we are to the world outside our window.