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Ciufoli Family

Rome – 1961

Within the walls of our atelier in Italy, every jewel is meticulously crafted onsite, where master craftsmen blend the rich Roman heritage of the Ciufoli family with innovative techniques. From the timeless artistry of the "suspended setting" to the intricate "diamond embroidery," our artisans continuously refine their craft. Balancing traditional methods with bold experimentation, we push the boundaries of high jewelry design. Our sculptural pieces incorporate rare materials like ebony macassar, meteorite, titanium, and mammoth ivory. Our home in Firenze, located in a meticulously restored historical site, we devote countless hours to each creation, ensuring each piece is a unique expression of our dedication to craftsmanship, artistry, and heritage.



In 2018, Giacomo Ciufoli drew profound inspiration from nature's flora and fauna, embarking on a journey to create one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired jewels for discerning clients. This exploration led to the development of unique pieces that captured the intricate beauty and vibrant essence of the natural world. This pivotal year helped build the framework that has brought the brand to its esteemed position today, cementing CIUFOLI’s reputation for transcendent beauty and artisanal excellence.



We developed and introduced the "suspended setting" technique, a unique hallmark of CIUFOLI. This groundbreaking method involved securely setting a diamond between only two points of primary contact, resulting in a nearly unobstructed diamond. The minimal contact allowed significantly more light to enter the diamond, enhancing its brilliance and showcasing its natural beauty.

4.40ct diamond – gold



CIUFOLI proudly opened a new private boutique in Australia, meticulously renovating and reinstating an important historical site. This carefully crafted space embodies the house's identity, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blended heritage and modern luxury. The spaces serve as an exclusive sanctuary where clients can experience the unique artistry and timeless elegance of CIUFOLI's high jewelry collections. This location reflects our commitment to preserving history while offering a refined and intimate setting for our discerning clientele.

Giacomo and his father, Giuseppe Ciufoli



CIUFOLI introduces the pioneering technique of "diamond embroidery," an exquisite craft that involves the meticulous hand-setting of micro-diamonds, each a mere 0.50mm in diameter, to create intricate and elaborate patterns on precious metals reminiscent of lace embroidery. This painstaking skill, rare and unparalleled, is a testament to the profound artistry and dedication required to achieve such delicate works. The Lucinda ring exemplifies this mastery, featuring 360 micro-diamonds, each hand-set with precision, amounting to over 70 hours of dedicated labor in diamond embroidery alone. This creation stands as a beacon of CIUFOLI’s commitment to transcendent beauty and artisanal excellence.

The Lucinda

6.11ct diamond – diamonds – gold



Our relentless pursuit of innovation led us to explore and embrace groundbreaking materials and techniques, culminating in the creation of a series of one-off, vineyard-inspired jewels. Drawing inspiration from the Barossa Valley in South Australia, where Giacomo Ciufoli spent much of his upbringing, each jewel was a harmonious blend of nature's finest elements, reflecting the lush beauty and vibrant essence of vineyards. This collection showcased our dedication to avant-garde design and reinforced our commitment to pushing the boundaries of high jewelry, crafting timeless pieces that embodied the spirit of luxury and creativity.

The Vine

pearls – spinels – emeralds – tsavorites – diamonds – gold – titanium



CIUFOLI unveils a mesmerising collection of sculptural serpent jewels, designed for the red carpet. Each piece captured the lifelike fluidity and grace of a serpent in motion, with a satin finish on gold that exuded natural elegance. These jewels wound gently around the skin, offering an organic and lifelike touch. This series highlighted CIUFOLI's mastery in transforming gold into dynamic, wearable art that enchanted and captivated the world's most glamorous events.

diamonds – gold



We begin accepting private appointments in our exclusive sanctuary in the heart of Firenze. Within a storied 16th-century building adorned with original frescos, the boutique is a poetic fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary design. Here, every piece of jewelry is not merely crafted but sculpted into a symphony of light and passion. Experience a realm where the artistry of the past converges with the innovation of the present, celebrating the soul of Italian craftsmanship in its highest form.

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